End of first quarter at seminary

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

I am grateful to God for the opportunity to go to seminary. I never was that motivated in school even though I aced every exam (I didn’t do the homework so I got by with C’s). Now I am motivated and energized and acing everything. It is clear that I am supposed to be here and this is where my heart fully comes alive. After the first quarter is over I have ended up with more questions than answers about God and his ways. Things that I assumed are now being questioned and refined. Here are a few of those things some of which are very general and vague to specific:

1. What is original sin and does it make you guilty even before you have done anything?

2. Do we as humans have souls or are we spirited bodies? (Swallow that one)

3. If God is a spirit and spirits do not have bodies can we call God a he or a she?

4. If Christ suffered and Christ is God does God suffer?

5. Is Christianity compatible with evolutionism in any form?

6. What do I mean when I say the word “God”?

7. How does homosexuality relate to the concept of human beings as the image of God?

8. Is the Bible inerrant (without error) in all of its words and letters?

These questions are the beginning of a long journey through the depths of a neverending attempt at proclaiming a faithful yet not final word about God and his ways with man which some people call theology.


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