A Day in the Life of a Young Pastor 2

Posted: April 2, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was pretty boring. Just emails, phone calls, texts, reading and sermon writing. Today was the opposite of boring.

I met with the now five pastoral interns and it was great. We talked about how their different ministries were doing and also about my expectations of them and vice versa.  The two new interns Israel and Abby are from Mexico and want to plant a VX church in Juarez. They are here for a year and they are definitely on fire for the Lord. I loved how after we ended Israel told me that people are drawn to our church because of the welcoming community. I hadn’t really dwelled on that aspect of our church but I think he is right. We are so warm and welcoming and this contributes to so many cultures and ethnicities being welcome and accepted.

On a more personal level I am trying to not suspend my emotions as I start this new first week of being the senior pastor. I am excited and charged up and expecting God to move. So many times I suspend my emotions because I am waiting for all the negative things to happen. So instead of celebrating or feeling the moment I stuff it all in and just keep working like a machine. The truth is I am happy to be the senior pastor and although it is challenging it is also my calling.


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