Senior Citizens Hip Hop Choir

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

One of my biggest struggles is when the content of something is delivered in a less than spectacular or at the least unsuitable form. It’s like when people over 50 try to rap. Now don’t get me wrong soon enough most rappers will reach the age of 50 (not 50 cent) 🙂 but they grew up in the culture and time period of rap. I think the question of delivery vs content is why we laugh at things like “The rappin granny” or the Senior Citizens Hip Hop Choir

This brings up another issue I have been seeing in seminary. The teachers who have the most students that attend and rave about their classes and tell others are the ones who have a better “delivery”. They are more personable. The lectures are engaging. My black theology professor Dr. Ralph Watkins has preached, sang, and fell out on the floor without missing a step and it has not only been enjoyable but it is in line with the content of the class-black theology. If teachers or preachers don’t have the delivery right the content is lost. People can go read the book for the content but only the messenger can bring the delivery that can make a greater impact on people’s livesSenior Citizen's Hip Hop Choir

  1. Jason Henry says:

    I like this! It was encouraging to me because it confirmed something that God had been dealing with me about concerning my sabbatical from preaching (in the sermon-Congregational aspect)! Muchos Gracias mi hermano! JESUS REIGNS!

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