Who deserves more compassion? Chile or Haiti

Posted: March 2, 2010 in global, social justice, Uncategorized

Ok. It’s Chile vs. Haiti. Haiti has already received millions of dollars from the US and even got a new “We are the world” song. I see no major push to raise money for people in Chile and I’m wondering is it because we had more pity “for those poor haitian people” who don’t have a dime or do we really even understand what it means to be compassionate? Here are the “facts”

1. Haiti’s earthquake caused a remix of We are the world Chile’s earthquake caused our days to actually shorten. Check it out here
2. Chile’s quake registered 500 times larger but Haiti’s death toll was greater

3. Chile has Latin America’s most successful economy. Haiti is the poorest nation in the West

I am definitely not trying to steer money or support away from either countries (not that I could) but this is an issue when it comes to our compassion. Who deserves it most? The man in the suburbs who wrestles with pornography or the woman and her children on skidrow. Can we actually measure people’s need for our compassion and service? Chime in and let me know what you think.


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