Why I am not part of a white church

Posted: March 8, 2010 in christianity, culture, global
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Many people have come to believe that I myself am the pastor of a white church. I am a part of the Vineyard movement but that doesn’t mean that I am a part of a white church and I will give you three reasons why:

-If I am the pastor then how could it be a “white” church. When was the last time you saw a black man as pastor of a white church?

-There are korean, taiwanese, african american, japanese, and hispanic people on the leadership team.

-Within our congregation there are people who can speak chinese, japanese, spanish, and amharic

Historically we are a part of a movement of churches that has been characterized as suburban and white. Although this may be the case for the movement in the United States it is not the case for the movement overseas and not the case for us as a local congregation. We believe as Leslie Newbigin has stated that the “church is the hermeneutic of the gospel” This means people come to interpret and understand the good news of the kingdom of God through the actions, lifestyle, and relationships of the local church. In a context like Los Angeles (location of numerous race riots, police brutality, ethnic gang rivalries) what better way for people to understand God’s message of reconciliation than through the relationships that we have with those of other ethnicities as we are baptized into the body of Christ. This is what it means for us to be on mission with God as he reconciles the world to himself. So that’s why I am not part of a white church.

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