Christians and Immigration

Posted: May 3, 2010 in christianity, culture, global, social justice, Uncategorized
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While there is controversy going on over the Arizona immigration bill I want to ask the question: What is the Christian response to immigration?

It is definitely a huge issue and touches on economics, language, culture, national identity and history. Some would actually say that they are followers of Christ and promote some of the views expressed here

Eugene Cho has a great video of Alabama governor candidate Tim James and his platform of english only driving tests. Check it out here

For me no matter how logical or rational it seems. It definitely just sounds mean and vicious. It sounds like the same crap that had my people in chains picking cotton. But that’s just my opinion 🙂

  1. Steve S. says:

    Yeah, it is frustrating to even chime in on divisive topics. It is too easy to get pigeon-holed into an extremist position, no matter how nuanced you are trying to be…

    And immigration is certainly an issue that requires some nuance…

    I think that is why I just end up playing devil’s advocate so often, at least with Christians. We should be politically active, and politically assertive, but rabidly disloyal to politcal parties and political platforms…

    • mayotron says:

      I agree with that political perspective Steven. I think for me it is not the political side of things or the legislation that affects me so much. It is the approach that those on the conservative side of this issue. For me as a minority it definitely brings up alot of emotion. My ancestors were forcefully “immigrated” to this country and had no choice and even still the majority erased their language and culture as they felt theirs was more “superior”. I experience the same thing when I hear the rhetoric about this issue from those on the conservative side.

  2. have you read the VineyardUSA statement on immigration? it’s been up since last year…

    what do you think…?

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