Black Theology for Black History Month Pt 2

Posted: February 21, 2011 in christianity, culture, social justice, theology

Another source for black theology is the faith tradition of African Americans. From this source, it is the Womanist Christ of Kelly Brown Douglas that makes a unique and necessary contribution to black theology. This view of Christ shows us that Jesus not only values the soul but the body; especially black female bodies that have borne much of the pain of white oppression. This honoring of soul and body can be seen in Jesus’ ministry as he healed the sick, fed the hungry, and lived life among the poor. This is the Christ who sides with the oppressed and calls to account โ€œany congenial relationality that oppressive power seeks with sacred authority.โ€1 Douglas sees the crucifixion event of the Womanist Christ as a protest to the platonized Christian alliance with unjust power inasmuch as it is connected to Jesus’ ministry on earth as well as his resurrection. In this way Jesus’ whole life is seen as redemptive and not just the crucifixion event. This holisic viewpoint stands as a critique of the platonized Christian tradition. This critique has been supported and affirmed by the African American faith tradition through black male and female bodies fighting for freedom and justice against overwhelming odds in a society designed to degrade them.

  1. Steve S says:


    email Caleb at

    He is the head honcho, he could tell you what you need to do to access the papers. I think, however, if you join (about $50) you have access to all of the papers from this year and last year. There were some great papers both years.

    However, I think Harvey would just email you a copy of his, so email him if you don’t wanna pay the membership:

    The conference (both years) was something amazing! The combination of scholarship and spirit, theory and practice, as well as the opportunity to see old friends and make new ones with folks who are thinking and attempting similar ministries/lifestyles… it was rich. Very rich. By the way, you are in LA right? Where at exactly?

    As to the critique of Western theology, again, I am with you. The more dialogue partners we can enter into conversation with the better. Conversation partners from different theological streams, different cultures, different contexts, and also different eras in history…

    Western theology has a lot of great insight to bring to the conversation, but only if we are engaging in conversation, not dictation…

    • mayotron says:

      Thanks for the info Steven. I am debating about membership. Money is tight. Yes I am in LA. It is a small suburb called Harbor City right near San Pedro, Wilmington, and Long Beach. Part of the South Bay-What some have called the church planter’s graveyard-others have been more direct and said the “Vineyard graveyard.” LOL.

  2. Vineyard graveyard…sounds like a great place to practice resurrection

  3. mayotron says:

    Only through the power of the Spirit!

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