A Hispanic Lady Cut my Hair

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

First of all I would like to say that announcing that I wasn’t blogging until the quarter was over was liberating. Not having that over my head has actually given me the freedom and inspiration to write. While I will not be cranking out posts all the time if the writing bug catches me and my kids are asleep then I’m getting it in.

Second of all…Yes I went to a barber shop that caters to mostly Hispanics and Filipinos. I was treated with care and given the best service that I have ever received. There was no baby mama drama. No gangsters or wanna be gangsters. There was no offensive language, talk, or videos of the opposite sex. There was no wait. This seems to be a no brainer….But am I betraying the black community? Am I selling out? The barber shop is the mecca of black male culture and camraderie. Am I missing out by not participating?

A little background to why I even went to the Mexican barber shop in the first place: For years I have struggled with getting a good haircut. I am so busy that saturdays are no good. When I go in the morning or in the afternoon to many of the local African American shops either they are not open or the barber is inconsistent (working on his rap album, just waking up from going to the club the night before, going to his second job as a longshoremen etc.) When I do get there half the time there is just a bunch of talk about booty, sex positions, and strip clubs. Not my idea of a relaxing environment and I don’t know about you but getting a haircut should be relaxing. So I decide I’m going to go to a new barber shop. I find this place called Najera’s (honestly I thought it was a muslim owned shop) and look in and see a hispanic guy and an older hispanic woman. I think about it for a second. Circle the parking lot and then decide I’m going to risk it and let her cut my hair. So she gives me the best cut I have had in five years. She gave me exactly what I asked for and no nicks whatsoever.

So that’s what happened. What do you think? For all my African American brothers and sisters Would you let a non African American cut your hair? For any and everybody Do you think I am betraying the African American community by going to this shop for a haircut?

  1. First, I’m in the same boat re: getting the blogging in when I can. Seems like nights are best for me, but I definitely pay for it in the mornings. Gotta do what you gotta do though.

    w/r/t barber shop issue: What you’ve done is commendable. If she can cut, I wouldn’t mind going myself. I’ve had the same issues finding a barber as you (shop talk, pics, etc…). That is until I found a nice place up Lake Avenue full of believers. The owner plays Gospel and is a wonderful person. And a female barber to boot. The crazy part is that a lot of the young people in the community come in and get cuts. Many of them are unchurched, but they respect the atmosphere. For her, it’s a ministry. Anyhow, not to go off on a tangent. I don’t think you’ve betrayed your community in finiding a place that makes you comfortable…red, yellow, black, white. You have to be in a comfortable atmosphere. Thanks for sharing bro.

    John Richards

    • mayotron says:

      Yeah man its tough to keep writing but I am finding that being open to what is going on for me and writing from my heart keeps the ideas and the words flowing. I usually have a few moments during the kids naptime so I am trying to make the best of it.

      As far as the barber shop goes..I still question whether I am taking money from the black community’s economy but then I know that the majority of us shop at non African American stores…after all Trader Joes and Ralph’s are not black owned and I never even thought about this issue until I went to a barber of a different ethnicity. It’s funny how the little things become big things…

  2. you’re promoting diversity!

    • Marilyn says:


      Love this post! See how the small anecdote becomes something much bigger?

      • mayotron says:

        Yes I definitely see it. Lately i have been in a very contemplative state and cultivating a quiet heart and as a result I have been paying attention to the little things which are not so little at all.

        Thanks Marilyn!

  3. Steven says:

    You could always do what I do, just shave your own head…


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