VX Church decides to close…so we can grow???

Posted: August 8, 2011 in church, multiethnic, personal, Uncategorized
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It has been a long and rocky road but we as a church have decided to close. VX has been my home for about eight years now and I have grown so much as pastor, as a man, and as a Christian through it. This has been the case right down to the wire. I have grown even during the process of myself and the leadership team deciding to close. So many emotions and thoughts have come up during that time:

If I do this then everyone will think I am a failure

What right do I have to make this decision?

People will think that being a multiethnic church is not a good idea

Will I ever do ministry again?

I need to find a job and this is a really bad economy

In the midst of it all I have realized that many of these thoughts and emotions were unfounded and some just made no sense at all.

If I do this then everyone will think I am a failure. This is so not true. Some people may think I am a failure but not “everyone” and in the end if I believe the Bible I may fail but I am not a failure and ultimately it does not matter what people think.

What right do I have to make this decision? I did not make the decision alone. I trusted that we as a leadership team with the help of the Holy Spirit would decide what is best for our local body. We had a right and a responsibility to make this decision.

People will think that being a multiethnic church is a bad idea. The truth is the people who will think that being a multiethnic church is a bad idea will always think it was a bad idea. The truth is that it is not an idea but a calling from God based on what we believe the scripture says.

Will I ever do ministry again? I probably will. This is one chapter of ministry that is closing. How will the next chapter unfold? That is up to God to decide.

I will need to find a job and this is a really bad economy. The truth is there are other folks out there just like me who have found jobs in this really bad economy. It is better to trust God and the decision he has led us to make than to trust in self.

So there it is. I truly believe that God ends things so other things can begin. A big part of maturity is dealing with losing and dealing with failure. It frees you up to be humble, to risk more, and to not take everything so seriously. I believe that now I am not as attached as I am to anything including the ministry that God has given me on this earth. Why? Because in this present age the “now” of ministry will always have to yield to the “not yet”. That’s something that we all must grow into.

  1. appreciate the openness is in sharing this Ramon, it speaks to maturity…praying for you all as the journey continues.

  2. Aaron Peterson says:

    Thanks for writing this man. Let’s meet up around Fuller soon. When are you there in the next few weeks?

  3. mayotron says:

    @Steven Thanks. I appreciate those prayers.

    @Aaron. Maybe we can do Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week. I will text u.

  4. Steve Schenk says:

    Brother! If there is any way I can encourage you…

    I have wrestled with the question of the viability of our plant from almost the first day until now (4 years in), its a serious challenge to our identity as men; but its the enemy’s voice, not God’s. Don’t doubt for a moment God’s call on your life, or the fruit He will bring about because of your labor these last years…

    It may not be the sexy stuff of books and conferences, but it is precisely the blessed, broken, and scattered bread that Jesus fed the thousands with, and fed the 12 with at the end. God takes, blesses, breaks, and then gives life to others. He does it with bread, He does it with men, and He has done it with your ministry.

    Your vision is not dead, there are many of us who share it with you and are working to see the Church (and the Vineyard) become the diverse community of saints that we see in the NT…

    Please continue to raise your voice in our movement, we need you!

    In fact, if you wanna move to urban Buffalo and plant that flag here…


    Please email me anytime!

    • mayotron says:

      Thanks Steve. Appreciate it.

      I have been reading Henri Nouwen’s Life of the Beloved for the past two weeks so your words on being taken, blessed, broken, and given are very timely.

      Also thanks for the invite. We actually have our eyes on Philadelphia. Just to be closer to family (Yvette’s) and for a change of scenery/pace. So although we won’t be in Buffalo we will be a bit closer 🙂

  5. Mary Ellen Sawyer says:

    Ramon…I’m thrilled for what lies ahead!— It’s always exciting after a long arduous climb in Ministry to get to the peak and discover new vistas, new potentialities from a vantage point never imagined or seen before. It is like the “Lighting of the Beacons” scene Lord of the Rings – Return of the King,
    [ http://youtu.be/g0nyfyifErg Incredible scene!// Incredible quotes } The Beacons signaled BOTH a “Call for help” in desperate times AND a “Ready Response” from those Equipped to Fight along side during an Epic Battle of Historic Significance! Gandolph said it best in His response to the Lighted Beacons. He said “Hope is Kindled!” I LOVE THAT!!!!!!! God has invested in you! God has Equipped You! He is also the one that would “Kindle Hope” in you and invite you to explore the possibilities that are opening up you. Bless you! As always you are in my thoughts and prayers!

    • mayotron says:

      Thanks Mary Ellen. That is one of my favorite scenes from that movie. It is in my top ten so this really spoke to me. I was just journaling this morning about some new possibilities. Very encouraging.

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