VX Church: An Emotionally Healthy Close Pt 2

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week I went out on a limb while preaching at church and instead of my planned intro of talking about families and family gatherings I talked about how everytime I get up in front of them I am attempting to prove that I as a black man am human. Why? Because it is the legacy of my past. The past that said I was property, an animal, subhuman. The past that influenced the line “Act your age and not your color.” The past that said your only worth in this world is rappin some lyrics or on the court or the field. The past that said the only thing that people know of you is criminality and stupidity. But guess what? I am not my past. God has given me new life and a new beginning. This is what I pray for all of us who are ending this time at VX. That we would not let the power of the past shipwreck our future. That we would not sink into a pool of failure. That failure would not become our identity.

The past is filled with the good and the bad. It is a both/and deal. My past is filled with oppression, segregation, violence, poverty, and dehumanization. My past is also filled with hope, laughter, joy, triumph and winning against all odds. When I look at my past and the past of my ancestors I see that it is not quite as simple as either/or. At VX we had good times and bad times. We have seen lives changed and lives devastated. We have seen God move to the point where he was unmistakably real. We have also seen our hopes shattered as we wonder exactly where he is and what he is up to in our lives. That is the past and the Spirit comes to give new life to us no matter what point we are at in our lives. Our experience does not define us as much as the Spirit does. The Spirit comes into our hearts so that in the sadness of this present moment we can cry out “Abba, Father” (Galatians 4:6). As we experience this reality we live out the truth that our past does not determine our destiny.

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