Remembering 9/11

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

What were you doing ten years ago on this day? I can remember what I was doing and how this day impacted me. I think more than anything I saw the vulnerability of our nation as we experienced something that people from all over the world know first hand-what it is like to not feel safe. I pray that we as a nation recognize that we are not God and that we stop playing God. Rest in peace to all the fallen…

Just like every other morning
A quick look at the news
Could not wake me up from my dreams
Is this for real?
It seemed like an action movie so….
I kept on going
Then I got to campus
And was awakened
By two planes
Crashing into two towers
Rich and powerful
I went back home
There was nothing left to do
But feel vulnerable
Which has been a familiar feeling
Since the day I was born

  1. Matthias LBJ says:

    Yeah I went to campus that day too. I interviewed people about their thoughts because I could not get to my supplies to do my Interactive Sculpture where I cooked a meal for who ever wanted to join me. I was calling it 111 inches. I actually told someone what had happened, they heard it from me for the first time. Sat in front of the TV all day, with the gal I was dating at the time, after riding home. It seemed surreal to say the least.

  2. Daisy Diaz says:

    I recently discovered that the original idea for this dastardly and horrific deed was penned by the Führer himself… to think he is still impacting us with his death!

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