This post is dedicated to Israel Robles and Matthew Bivens. Matthew has no blog but he really doesn’t need one. The dude is epic. Israel can be found all over the world as he runs among many other things a non profit called Tu Contacto Global and a movement called Terra Tour which has led him to lead road trips from Canada all the way to Brazil

So I decided to start posting tweets of meditations/quotes and call them verses from the Book of Ramon. A narcissistic obsession. Maybe? But the story behind them goes a little deeper.

Last year around September I took a trip to Juarez and went to visit Israel Robles who is doing some amazing things there and all over Latin America. I was impressed with not just the activity that was going on and the things that he was doing but the positive attitude that seemed to exude from him and his team members. At the same time I was bogged down in negative thinking about how our church was doing but also just depressed about my life in general. After seeing Israel in action I became inspired to live my life with the same passion and gusto. The only thing was I knew I couldn’t take Israel home in my pocket. That’s when I remembered 1 Samuel 30:6 where it says that “David encouraged (strengthened) himself in the Lord his God” and I thought I may just have to encourage myself to live the life that I want to live. So that’s where the Book of Ramon comes in.

No I am not trying to add another book of the Bible.

No I am not starting a cult.

No I am not saying that everything that I posted was inspired by the Holy Spirit

I just wanted to remember and keep a record of all the nuggets of inspiration and encouragement that was helping me and I realized that this could also be helpful to someone else out there in FB or Twitter land.

But here is the bad news: I am sad to say I am closing it. I realize that I am now no longer encouraging myself but I am only doing it for the sake of others which although that is a good purpose that was not my original intention. So I have several tweets left and it will be officially closed. The good news: I am going to take each post and write a couple pages on it and turn it into an ebook which I will be giving away in the near future.

So that is the book of Ramon explained. Nothing super amazing. Just a guy trying to get out of a pit of negative thinking and low quality living.

  1. JasonsBlogg says:

    Thats an excellent idea! Good stuff bro:) Cant wait to read~

    • mayotron says:

      This is the season to do it. All I am doing now is stockin boxes, checkin out people’s groceries, and trying to keep warm πŸ™‚

  2. Matthew Bivens says:

    So Ramon you said of me the “dude is epic” and I went to the urban dictionary for the fun of it:

    Dude is another word for a person, a slang word for “friend” or buddy

    Epic is something so truely amazing that it deserves it’s story to be told for years to come.

    So, Ramon, you also are a dude that is epic! For you are a friend who I will tell stories of for years to come. I look forward to reading the e-book and having your positive vibes all in one place, with that post transition commentary. I feel like I might need to start a blog, seeing as I comment on yours so much. πŸ™‚

    • mayotron says:


      Go ahead and start one! I am sure many people would read it. And yes you are epic. You increase my appetite for lovin life!

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