Life in the Pitt: Week Two

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

So here we are…week two. The new apartment is full of boxes. I am spending  nights there in order to go to work at Trader Joe’s and Yvette and the kids are still in New Castle until we can clear the boxes and make the place safe/clean enough for the kids. All this while I squeeze minutes and hours out of my day to work on my thesis and keep up with blogging.

Things I am noticing about PGH:

  • Not alot of chain stores. There are still  a lot of Mom and Pop stores and when I get the chance I want to go to every one that interests me.
  • It’s cold. On Saturday I left the house in a T shirt and it was 27 degrees outside. Also you have to start your car up way before you are about to leave because of the ice and frost. Still something to get used to….
  • All of the diversity is centered around the Universities (Carnegie Mellon, Pitt, Chatham) and the East Liberty neighborhood (We are about two blocks down). I think this says something about how to increase diversity in any area. Education definitely plays a major role in our tolerance of other people. At my Trader Joe’s it is like the United Nations every day. Hmmm….

Things that I am loving:

  • Steelers pride. I am now a citizen of Steeler Nation. Boo Ravens!
  • Authenticity of people. Not a lot of people trying to promote the screenplay that they never wrote or handing you the card for their business which they never really started.
  • The cost of living. Things are just cheaper here. Especially rent. Hallelujah! (Angels singing in the background)

Things to do next:

  • Find a place to workout and a workout routine
  • Find a church
  • Get my PA drivers license
  • Get our new PA Bank

Stay tuned for more Pitt adventures….

  1. as someone who loves learning and teaching, the diversity piece is compelling to me…I also had the authenticity resonance when I went there, people are nice enough to just talk to you much more like in Indiana in my youth, not like the East Coast out here!

    • mayotron says:

      Yeah man I think there is definitely a different kind of culture out here. I wonder if it has to do with a lower population and the fact that it is close to heartland America. No suburban sprawl and whatnot. Hopin to see u in a day or so. Im longing for Quaker Steak or this place

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