Ten Lessons I learned as a Pastor Pt. 2

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week I posted the first nine of the ten lessons I learned as a pastor. I left off at the tenth just to keep you salivating for more. Well here it is. Drumroll please! The tenth and most important lesson is…..

Your personal life will affect your ministry more than you know. On the surface it sounds pretty obvious but when it comes down to it not many pastors act like this is the truth. If you look at their hectic schedule, their disgruntled wives, their lonely kids, their bulging waistline, and their non existent life this lesson sounds far from the truth. But underneath it all if our personal life is crumbling and weak then our ministry is crumbling and weak. Ultimately God sees no difference.

For years I lived as if ministry was life but the reality is that ministry flows from my life. What does that mean? It means that ministry must flow from my being (Thank you Bobby Clinton). And this is one of the things that I am focusing on this first year while we are in Pittsburgh. Right now I am using this time to explore who I am in Christ and to actually “get a life”. I am going to work out consistently, play with my kids, be with my wife, look at football games on tv (Steeler Nation!), write poetry,  and listen for God’s voice in the midst of it all.

Some of these things I have been doing previously but it was for the sake of continuing the ministry. Right now it will be for the sake of continuing with my life. Ministry is not my life and I do not want to make it my life. Christ is my life and he is there whether I am wrestling with my son, stocking groceries at Trader Joe’s, or reading the Tale of Desperaux on my Kindle.

And no I have no plans of leaving “the ministry”. In fact, I never left it. The only thing that’s different is my focus. Before it was ministering to an organization. Now it’s ministry to the Lord, to myself, and to whoever is around me. That’s a lifetime calling that will never change.

  1. true that, my friend…true that! We have to embrace that the pot-belly isn’t a sign of “the anointing”…the new generation of svelte Vineyard pastors have “it” as well! 😉

    I think we are fairly in denial and possibly caught in some deeply troubling gnostic spirituality in this trajectory…I love your take: ministry flows from my life.

    One book that I might recommend for those searching in this area (beside Clinton) is David Benner’s “The Gift of Being Yourself” or perhaps sit and eat the Triple Atomic wings @ Quaker Steak & Lube and wake up 3 days hence to your new life!

    peace bro

    • mayotron says:

      Haha! No way! I think I will stop at atomic. That stuff burns other parts of your body too!

      Is Benner’s book Christian? Not that it makes a difference but I am staying away from Christian books a while except the Bible and when I need to reference something.

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