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I am thinking about reading Greg Boyd’s book The Myth of a Christian Nation and I want to ask the question to those of you out there in the blogosphere (wow first time I ever used that word in a post or anywhere). Is America a Christian Nation? From my perspective as one of the oppressed and a victim of the slave triangle’s legacy I cannot answer that in the affirmative. Plus my knowledge of the “founding fathers” (definitely no kin to me) says that they were deists who did not believe in Christ, miracles, or any such Christian things. Many of those in politics and on Christian radio attempt to use the idea that we are a “Christian nation” as leverage for certain legislation and base their decisions and campaigns on turning the nation back to God. So are we turning the nation back to God or has it been godless all along (as can be seen by stealing land from indigenous peoples, enslaving african peoples, Jim Crow, inadequate housing, discrimination, consumerism, unjust wars etc. etc.)? Is there still enough evidence that this nation is Christian or at least founded on Christian principles? Also relating to that Is that enough evidence to say that the government should be making decisions and passing legislation that is decidedly Christian? Holla back