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I just came back from the Vineyard National Leadership Conference and I have to admit that I have been struggling about my church affiliation. To be a part of the Vineyard as an African American man almost feels like treason to my race and also a long distance trip to Mars: very lonely. But as we drove to Phoenix and I wrestled with this issue I realized there was a reason why I wanted to be in the Vineyard and there are great things that people in the Vineyard have deposited in me. So here are seven things I have learned from being a part of the Vineyard:

1. How to pray for people effectively

2. How to think about the kingdom of God

3. How to embrace theological diversity

4. How to be authentic

5. How to think both/and

6. How to fail and still honor God in the process

7. How to appreciate good wine and beer 🙂

I think it is important to know why we are in a particular church or denomination (although the Vineyard is not a denomination 🙂 and to weigh those reasons against what makes sense biblically and practically. Some are in a particular church tradition because they inherited it from their parents. Others are in it because of a particular preacher or that’s all they know. What about you what do you appreciate about the tribe that you are a part of?