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Now that I am a husband and father I actually am faced with the horrible truth about myself. I hate being a servant! I mean a real servant like Jesus. It sounds good to me mentally but deep inside it totally repulses me. There are two main reasons why I hate being a servant:

1) Sometimes you have to serve when you don’t feel like it. Like when you are watching a cool youtube video or at god awful hours like 2am in the morning. Being a servant like Jesus is not convenient. You do not clock in and out like a job. It is a 24/7 whole of life thing.

2) Sometimes you don’t know how to serve or you have to serve in a way that is foreign to you. Like when Kaydon (my son) is giving me a hard time but can’t talk or like when Yvette (my wife) is overwhelmed with emotion and I know that her primary love language is physical touch. I know it mentally but in my heart I resist because that is not how I am used to receiving love.

The funny thing is this is that Jesus says that the greatest among his followers are servants. Tough words to chew on. So yes I am a follower of Jesus, a spiritual leader and I do not like to serve. There I said it!!!