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Last Day of Vacation…

Posted: August 16, 2010 in theology
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I have not worked for 2 weeks and 2 days. 1 day if you don’t count preaching at Vineyard Pomona. It has been fun to be around the kids and engage them as much as I can. While working my mind is always elsewhere but these past couple of weeks I have had the chance to focus my attention. On this last day as I prep to enter into a lot of emails, phone calls and OPP (other people’s problems) I have a few reflections that this time off has given me:

1. Vacation means to vacate but even if we vacate work we cannot vacate life. We live in a fallen world and there is no escape. During this time me and Yvette had a fight, Kaydon had 3 diaper leaks and peeing in the face incident, our bathtub flooded, and the bills kept coming. Sometimes I think we attempt to solve our problems by getting away but wherever you go and whatever you do there will be problems. Even hermits have problems.

2. Work can keep you from being yourself and you are your greatest asset. I started realizing how much my work as a pastor has shaped me and given me habits and a certain “personality” that is not really mine at all. I do not think that this dilemma is peculiar to pastors. I think every profession can begin to shape you. Think about it. What do you do for most of the day? Work. This is how we define ourselves. On this vacation I got to write some poetry and listen to some new and old music that I love: Talib Kweli, The Roots, KRS One, Hieroglyphics, Mos Def. I read books and I read the Bible for my own personal benefit and not for some ministry purpose. I watched Star Wars over and over again like I was in grade school. I got in touch with the real me and that’s what the world needs.

3. Money isn’t everything. Due to a few financial setbacks we did not travel outside of LA this year. That was really hard as I love going to different places, breathing in new air, meeting new people, and sampling new food. The thing is God really taught me about being content with him. Most of the world does not do the kind of traveling that we in the western world are accustomed to and even historically some people never left their small town or province. Staying at home helped me to appreciate the joy of my family and the satisfaction and contentment that comes from knowing God.